03 March, 2010

Changes*. Dust as a symbol for contamination.

The project developed is a critical reflection on long distance/multiple places goods shipments and their effect on the environment and, as a direct consequence, on us.
Transports produce dust, longer is the distance to be covered greater is the amount of dust produced.
Goods are often transported from very distant places for different reasons and, as transports have an impact on the environment, indirectly do the objects we use.

We are contaminated through/from the objects we use.

Contaminated objects.
From this prospective matures the choice to transfer the contamination directly on the objects, where longer is the distance covered for their transport greater is their contamination.
Further reflection is conduct on the contrast between visible and invisible contamination. When the contamination is visible, its existence becomes obvious, while when invisible its existence may be ignored. What we can see is more obvious than what we can’t see but it doesn’t mean that it is more important.
For example some dust particles may dissolve in water contaminating it and becoming invisible to the eye.
We may not see it (or perceive it in an obvious way) but we are drinking contaminated water.