28 February, 2010


Things are transported everyday from a place to an other, the way they are transported or simply moved changes depending on distance, possibilities, needs...
 Logistics seem to be a very organized iter of consecutive steps, a complex plan that make possible to move things from a place to other places where they are required for some reasons.

Often I imagine logistics as a smooth process where each action has a following one that fits perfectly with the one before, a sort of perfect clock where silently things work and products arrive “magically” to the final destination/user.
On the other hand I imagine each step of the process to be very frenetic and quick. Objects move fast trough all the logistics steps to make the all logistic machine working.

It doesn’t matter if the object is valuable or not or the way chosen for the transport, it will be always in close contact with dust and it would always be contaminated and contaminating in some way

Everything is contaminated!
We live in a time where everything is contaminated.
Cultures, traditions, food, art, design, music...environment, water...
Contamination is many things and can be interpreted as a positive or negative phenomenon. We can find contamination probably in everything, it is present in all its aspects in our daily life and it is definitely a contemporary reality.
Transports have spur people to move, travel, mix, blend and contaminate each other. The same happens for goods and objects in general, moving from any place to any other place in the world, interacting with habits, cultures and traditions and leading to new contaminated realities.

This burning entropy, cause from transports (but not only) boost changes in everything: people, environment, objects...
Such changes may be good or bad, obvious or not.