23 February, 2010


*Objects live, experience and change. What is produced is not always what gets to the final user.
Experiencing and exploring ceramics.
This is a work in progress experiment about ceramics...we'll see what happens!

Some thoughts as a starting point.
Objects are produced in a place and transported in an other place to be sold or, in general, used.
During the transport they live, experience and eventually change.
The project would be about the development of the concept of evolution, trough experience, of objects.
The aim is to try to trap some of these “experiences” due to contamination, interaction and involvement of the objects with the environment during the transport.
Objects interacts between each other while transported from place to place.
They feel each other and the space around them and try to adapt. Their shapes change gradually, organically and harmonically. 
Objects change due to direct contact with each other and tying, contact during transports, in fact, is often driven by the way they are secured and tight to each other.